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I checked out a book of monologues from the library when I was 10, rehearsed by myself in the backyard, and auditioned for a local theatre production in Fort Worth, Tx. That was the first (and the last) time I was hired to play an ingenue. I also had my first kiss, and saw George Michael in concert, so it was a magical year.

I garnered my competitive edge in high school by lettering in Drama. I know that sounds like a show on Bravo, but I'm serious. Years of doing well in forensics and UIL encouraged me to move to the Big Apple. I graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and started my career stationed in my studio on 10th between 1st and A. After shooting my first television show, I moved to Los Angeles. 

I live in Venice by the beach with my insatiably handsome husband and cuter-than-custard babies and in my homestate Austin when its not 800 degrees. I still create characters in my backyard, write television shows and have Faith.              (a George Michael pun; can you stand it?)

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Character Demo Betsy Currie
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THE ALLEY - Television Pilot

"There's more to life than dreams" 

THE ALLEY, a single camera comedy set in a bowling alley about a group of 30-somethings unencumbered by dreams of success. With their lack of ambition, we find an unwavering loyalty which fuels their misguided attempts to help each other. This leads to chaos of the most asinine kind.

"It' Always Sunny in Philadelphia" meets "Arrested Development"

Created, written and starring Betsy Currie and the other founding members of THE iNTECOLLECTUALS. 

Bible and 22 minute Pilot Available.

LITTLE US - Television Pilot

Little Us introduces best friends, HONEY & VANESSA, who follow in the traditions of Lucy & Ethel, Laverne & Shirley, and Rachel & Monica. But they take it one step further by introducing Little Honey and Little Vanessa, the voices of their inner children, who help them navigate through their Quarter Life Crises. Honey, Vanessa and the Littles combine the wisdom of adults with the unabashed honesty known only to children, in order to better handle life on the cusp of thirty.

Created, written and starring Betsy Currie

Bible and 22 minute Pilot Available

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MOMS LIKE US - Television Pilot

MOMS LIKE US is a single camera comedy about the bonds formed in the trenches of motherhood.

When college chums Bryn and Lucy find an unlikely third by unexpectedly birthing her baby, a bond of a lifetime is also born. Kasey, a neurotic head-of-the-class type, is ushered into motherhood with the unfiltered intimacy of sisters by Bryn, a skeptical and brash rebel, and oddball supermom Lucy. All gave birth within a few weeks of each other and find that their prenatal yoga and breathing techniques didn't prepare them for the the marathon of motherhood. Bryn goes from having her finger on the pop-culture pulse to feeling like the founding member of the OMG (old moms gang). Kasey returns to work immediately, despite having a newborn at home and a marriage on the rocks, in order to protect what she’s built from the office bro-culture. Lucy, a second time mom, thinks she has it made, but it looks like mothering both an infant and a toddler may have made her.

Our show is “Bad Moms” meets “Broad City”.

SCRIPT and BIBLE available on request.


ATX - Television Pilot

ATX is a one hour fantastical dramedy where women run Texas politics.

A cross between VEEP, HOUSE OF CARDS & 9 to 5.

With the help of her outrageous best friend, a college professor leads a political revolution against the old boys' club that still runs the Texas government.

Created to inspire the next generation of female leaders, ATX is a hopeful prophecy with soapy storytelling, politics torn from today's headlines, and much-needed levity.


Pull down the patriarchy of Texas one episode at a time.


SCRIPT and PITCH DECK available on request.

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